Friday, August 9, 2013

Simple Storage Shelf

 I am amazed at how much a simple shelf unit can hold. My new one is basic open shelving, attached to the garage rafters. It is only 34" long and 14" deep, but those four shelves are holding all sorts of odds and ends I had scattered around the shop, and sit nicely in the space the Radial Arm Saw used to occupy.  The two long boxes of veneers are safely tucked away on top, and I now have a place for almost everything, and everything easily accessible in its place. 

 Here is the 'other' side of the garage during the makeover, piled with scrap bins and at least one box full of garbage to go out the door.  There will probably be two.  Or three.

Even the top of the table saw was piled with 'extras' needing a home.

And here is the new storage unit with much of that now housed where I can get to it easily, with room to spare.
  The unit is open for a 36" stretch below the last blue shelf, where I will move a kitchen-garbage-style container to hold long wood cutoffs, and a low barrel-type for shorts I don't want to throw away.  There is more sorting to do, but my bench top is finally clear, the TS is open for use, and I can finally get to making some catch-up products I needed to do.

  The design for the hand tool cabinet will begin earnestly, now, on paper.  Wood selection is still a consideration, with prices to be checked.  I can't wait to get started!

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