Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Feel Good' woodworking

 Some days, the quiet attraction of this work is just soul-satisfying. The stresses of the world can close in on a person's daily life and make even a bright sunny day feel oppressive, but we woodworkers can always go to our 'cave' for some solace.  Just sitting on a high stool and closing the eyes to take in the smell of natural wood shavings can fill the heart with what is real...can make one see forward to unhindered possibilities in creating something new.   When I put a hand plane to wood, with the tool perfectly fettled for peak performance, and a consistent, full-width shaving peels off under my hand, the 'Ah-h-h-h factor' is a fine reward.  I've kept a few, and used others for packaging or landscape bark. These few hanging in my shop, manage to bring a smile.
  Woodworking is a completely tactile experience. It doesn't fade into the ether like software programming, outdated before its completion.  Woodworking is the original 'hands-on' activity, designing and making something intended to last for generations. As skills improve, so do design concepts. There is always a new challenge to take on, new ideas to bring forth. Those curlicue ribbons of wood I've saved make me want to get back to designing something, building something, bringing something to life.  The heart lifts, and it's all about the Potential Act.  Onward then, while the weather is good and the day has just begun...