Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rearranging Machinery

 At last, I got the back bench torn out and the space cleaned up, and have moved three machines into it.  I was a bit worried about access to that upper back wall, but there's plenty of room to reach around the machines and get to my sanding supplies shelf and any tools I need.  This arrangement is going to give me quite a bit more space, even after I build a simple storage unit for the overflow, and then the hand tool cabinet. Putting the router table cabinet on casters was something I should have done a long time ago! It's perfect.

 There is quite a bit more minor organizing to do, but now I can sit at night and play with designing the main part of this endeavor, the 7' tall, 40" wide floor standing hand tool cabinet.  That will be the Fun part!


  1. B—
    Nice! Isn't it nice to further the tuning of the shop, at least once in awhile? Looks good, Barb. Curious about the freestanding tool cabinet design;those dimensions are close to my own cabinet. Will it have doors?

  2. Hi Andy- Yes, it will have a base cabinet, then a slight step back, and an upper cabinet with 20" wide face-frame doors. Or I may separate a box on each side so I'll have storage doors each 2" deep; haven't decided yet. I was going to pattern it after a Shaker Step Back entertainment center Megan Fitzpatrick had made for PW years ago, but I realized I want an open space in the center, with a bank of drawers on each side. Yours is my inspiration! After using your cabinet for all these years, is there anything you would have changed in making it?


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