Saturday, February 2, 2013

February sneaks up on us

  It is now February, 2013, and I thought I had lots of time for a writing deadline.  Not so. I'll soon have a post up for Tom Iovino of Tom's Workbench fame, a noted blogger and woodworking enthusiast.  He has sponsored and instigated a push for wanna-be woodworkers, encouraging them to Get Started and not be intimidated with, "But, where do I begin?"  

  What is different this year is the assistance of several very big magazine names and vendors who want to offer prizes for the best story of a new woodworker, within the last year's time.  Here is a link to what Get Woodworking Week is all about, and Tom's words on qualifying for his contest:

Tom's Get Woodworking Week

Get Woodworking Week Prizes

and in Tom's own words:
"How will we figure out how someone can win these?
OK, here’s how this will work. If you are a woodworker who has been in the craft for one year or less, send me an e-mail at and explain  how you got into the craft. On Saturday, February 9 (the last day of Get Woodworking Week), I will take the entries that I get and pick the new woodworker with the best story to feature."

Stay tuned. There are lots of good articles coming up this week for your interest and delight!

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