Friday, April 8, 2011

Warmer Weather = More Production

  A few items shown on the business websites. Now that the weather has improved dramatically, it is much easier to get into the work shop and work on new designs.  I'm going to have to scrounge or purchase more large, dried stock, as the big pieces of mahogany I had are already reduced to nothing.  One more smaller platter will finish it off, and 16" wide pieces are not easy to come by.
  Most of our local fruit woods are from pruned trees, which produce shortened, knobby, angled limbs of 'reaction' wood, under tension more on one side than another. This makes for lots of wood movement and twisting in individual pieces when working the wood.  I air-dry my stock, so its moisture content is always a bit higher than ideal to begin with, and dealing with wood movement is a constant. The rich grain patterns and wide variety in colors make it well worth the trouble!

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